Thursday, December 8, 2011

Monitoring tool using the API

Looooong time no post! Was extremely busy with projects and issues here at work. However, I am extremely excited about a project I developed with help from a work buddy.

A little background, we have about 15 clients that have their box installation of OAS (with over 200 servers). We have an extremely compact team, relative to the size of our clients and yet we are responsible for maintaining proper functioning of all these servers. OAS does offer some rich set of monitoring options which send e-mails, that gives status updates on key components, but our experience has been that receiving around 100-150 e-mails a day has caused overload and made this type of monitoring not too effective.

We decided to create a very simple monitoring system, looking at OAS from the client perspective and making our frontend team responsible for proactive support -and they are much larger in number.

In my next few posts I will outline our concept as well as upload the tool and code.

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