Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's get started!

To get started we have to create our API user... I could bore you to death with a text explanation, but I have decided instead to post a YouTube video (much easier!)

This is really the easiest [booooring!] part, but if you have difficulties write me, I will try to help. The next step is for us to

Sunday, July 24, 2011

So, what exactly can we do with the OAS API?

Lots, sky is the limit! This is the short answer, but let's get into specifics. My idea here is to give some of the interesting macro areas I have identified as very promising (added value) and then in the following posts we will work through developing these examples.

Which areas are interesting to extend OAS?
  1. Operational Improvements;
    • Traffic Automation
    • Client Self-Service Pages
  2. Process Improvements;
    • Integrate Billing Information
    • Integrate with Sales Process
  3. Ad Operations Enhancements
    • Advanced Inventory Management
    • Automatic Campaign Optimizations
    • Automatic Offload of Excess Inventory
  4. Back-end Process Improvements
    • Systems Resizing Monitor
    • Automatic RLC execution
Maybe not all that I have written is self-explanatory, do not worry we will develop these with examples. The idea is to do basic code to demonstrate these concepts, which could later be developed into full products.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Motivations for this Blog

As an IT professional I have greatly benefited from the Internet. If I were to tally up the countless hours of "free" consulting I have received over the years, well, the bill would be probably be a very scary number! So this is in part about giving back to the community.

But this is not just about the latter, it is also about two subjects that really excite me, software integration, which I have worked with most of my professional life and about leveraging the OpenAdStream (OAS), my current gig. My job does put me in contact with quite large number of content publishers in Latin America and I always come away with a sense that there is so much more that can be done with this software, especially through the use of the API. So this blog is in part about collaborating with other professionals to achieve excellence in the use of OAS.

So... Cheers! Here's to hoping for a very fruitful collaboration.