Saturday, September 10, 2011

The OAS AdXML Kit: What is it for, how to install & use

I have developed a simple DLL, to facilitate code development in Excel. Without this component it would be necessary to write some extra code in Excel to develop our examples. As I have mentioned before, I am trying to avoid focusing too much on code (but we will need quite a bit) and focus more on getting results -this is really what matters. The DLL is available through SourceForge (click here to download) and the installation follows a standard Windows installation routine. I will make the source code of this DLL available through GitHub, for those who prefer to see what is under the hood.

Once it is installed, it is quite simple to activate for use in VBA (MS-Office macro language). You will, in VBA screen, click on Tools > References and select OAS Integration Module as in the image below.

This will allow you to reference the OAS API by simply creating an object. An example of this follows, using VBA;

The worksheet associated with the code.

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